Yankees at Red Sox (Game 104)

Pitching Matchup:
Sidney Ponson (6-1, 4.02 ERA) vs. Jon Lester (8-3, 3.20 ERA)

Yankees Lineup:
1. Johnny Damon – Designated Hitter
2. Derek Jeter – Shortstop
3. Bobby Abreu – Right Field
4. Alex Rodriguez – Third Base
5. Xavier Nady – Left Field
6. Robinson Cano – Second Base
7. Richie Sexson – First Base
8. Melky Cabrera – Center Field
9. Jose Molina – Catcher

Game Notes: Lester was brilliant against the Yankees last time he pitched against them. The previous time? Not so much. It’s going to depend what Lester shows up tonight. However, with the Yankees playing the way they have, winning eight start and all that good stuff, I’m putting my money on the Yankees, so to speak.

Live game updates will come again tonight. I’m very pleased that Joe Morgan won’t be in the booth tonight seeing as he was at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. I’m not sure who’s in for him.

Anymore updates will come around 7:30 or so, I’m out until then.

7:49, LET’S PLAY BALL: The rain stopped a while ago and the tarp is coming off the field now. Let’s hope baseball is on the way.

8:30, TRY NUMERO DOS: The tarp is off the field… I say this hesitantly. ESPN is reporting that the game is going to get underway around 9pm, unofficially, of course.

Yankees at Red Sox (Game 103)

Pitching Matchup:
Andy Pettitte (11-7, 3.86 ERA) vs. Tim Wakefield (6-7, 3.69 ERA)

Yankees Lineup:
1. Johnny Damon – Designated Hitter
2. Derek Jeter – Shortstop
3. Bobby Abreu – Right Field
4. Alex Rodriguez – Third Base
5. Jason Giambi – First Base
6. Robinson Cano – Second Base
7. Xavier Nady – Left Field
8. Melky Cabrera – Center Field
9. Jose Molina – Catcher

Red Sox Lineup:
1. Dustin Pedroia – Second Base
2. Kevin Youkilis – First Base
3. David Ortiz – Designated Hitter
4. Manny Ramirez – Left Field
5. Mike Lowell – Third Base
6. J.D. Drew – Right Field
7. Jed Lowrie – Shortstop
8. Coco Crisp – Center Field
9. Kevin Cash – Catcher

Game Notes: Sweeny Murti is reporting that Xavier Nady is in Boston at Fenway Park. He’s in uniform and Nady will be batting seventh and playing left field. To make room on the roster, Latroy Hawkins was designated for assignment.

3:15, BYE-BYE BRETT: Brett Gardner has been optioned back to Triple-A. The Yankees want him to start everyday as they still believe in the kid. Meanwhile, as mentioned, Latroy Hawkins has been DFA’d. On top of this, Kei Igawa cleared waivers so he is no longer on the 40-man roster.

3:56, FIRST PITCH: Wakefield has delivered the first pitch, and it’s a strike.

3:59, #29: Xavier Nady is wearing number twenty-nine, just caught a glimpse of him in the dugout. He could eventually wear #22, the number the DFA’d Hawkins was wearing, the number he’s worn throughout his career, but only time will tell. Speculation is that Marte could wear no. 21, Clemente is his idol, but we saw how that went with the Yankees fans when Hawkins wore it… not so good. A quick first – Damon flew out to Manny, Jeter doubled, Abreu grounded out up the middle, and Lowell made a nice play on a hard-hit ground ball by Alex Rodriguez.

4:06, ROUGH START FOR PETTITTE: He didn’t get any help from A-Rod, but he also walked Youkilis and gave up a single past Cano to Ortiz. Manny is up and you can tell his knee is not hurt. He was actually running hard to first base and beat out a double play ball — 2-0 Sox.

4:19, NADY GROUNDS OUT: In his first at-bat as a Yankee, he hit
a weak ground ball back to the pitcher. Granted, he was forced to swing
as Cano — who hit a single up the middle — was on the move.

4:45, PUT IT ON THE BOARD: Abreu singled to right to score Molina and A-Rod just doubled off the monster to put runners on second and third with two out.

4:59, THERE IT GOES: Robinson Cano just drilled the ball over Coco Crisp’s head. The ball landed on the hitter’s eye in straight away center. As I write, Nady grounds out to short.

5:05, THE MELK MAN: Melky got a single, stole second, and scored on a Damon single to center past Wakefield. Now Damon steals second. You have to feel Kevin Cash’s throwout rate for runners is terrible – you can’t throw out someone unless it’s Jason Giambi when you get a knuckle ball. He deserves more credit for even making some of the calls close at second. Yankees lead 3-2.

5:28, CASHING IN: Maybe you can throw a runner out on a Wakefield pitch — at least, Kevin Cash can. Nady worked the count full, but Cano was thrown out on a double steal. Nady will lead off to start the top of the sixth now. Still 3-2 Yankees.

5:37, MANNNNNY: Someone might want to tell Manny there is actually a game going on. This guy is lost. If I’m Theo Epstein, I release him. Flat out. He is ridiculous. He didn’t run on  a line out to Nady that could’ve been a double play if Nady wanted to drop it on purpose to get the out at second and then first with Manny not running. He barely jogged to first on the double play he just hit. The worst thing is that he laughs all the time – when he is doing the wrong thing he’s laughing. He’s ridiculous. Red Sox fans are sick of him.

5:41, IS HE BACK: Melky delivers again. He just doubled off the green monster. In his last at-bat he had a bunt single and came around to score. I was one of the people who said don’t trade Melky. You’re already giving up hitting for defense with Molina, why not do the same thing with Melky? His defense is the best around. Period. With Nady, this lineup is fine. If Cabrera can hit .260 to .275, we’re fine. Hopefully he’s found his stroke.

The Yankees now have the bases loaded after Molina took a pitch in the arm. As I speak, Nady scored on a Damon ground ball. Force out at second, RBI to Damon — 4-2 Yankees, Wakefield’s afternoon is over.

5:50, TACK ON ANOTHER: Derek Jeter just singled off of Justin Masterson making this a 5-2 game. The run is charged to Wakefield, and his day is not over yet. Damon on second is his responsibility.. well, now his day is over. Abreu singles off the monster and it’s now 6-2 Yankees. The runners on second and third are now Masterson’s responsibility.

6:00, WHEN YOU’RE HOT, YOU’RE HOT: Sorry for the late reply… just had some problem with the laptop, thought the hard drive died. Guess not. It’s now 7-2 Yankees.

6:05, CLIMBING BACK: J.D. Drew hit a home run to right field past the bullpens and it sounded like Fenway thought he just put them up by five runs, oh well, whatever suits them. 7-3 Yankees, Edwar Ramirez warming in the pen.

6:09, PETTITTE FINISHES STRONG: Presumably in his last inning of the game, Pettitte struck out Crisp to retire the side. He got better as the game went along, and now it’s time to turn it over to the bullpen. My guess is that Edwar will come in for the seventh and possibly the eight, and then we’ll see Marte as long as this remains a four-run game.

6:15, NO HITS, SO WHAT: I’m personally pleased with what I’m seeing from Nady. If he isn’t going to hit, at least get on base. That’s what you have to say for anyone, I guess. However, Nady will hit. His average is just under .330. He hasn’t got a hit today, but he’s got on base twice.

Heading to the bottom of the seventh – apparently Jose Veras got up and started to warm up and Ramirez sat down. I’d still assume we’ll see Marte today in the ninth.

6:21, WARMING UP IN THE BULLPEN, #34, DAMASO MARTE: Looks like we’ll get to see him today. He’ll probably be brought in this inning if Ortiz gets up. He’s sick, pure sick stuff. My comments on him actually made the MLB.com homepage on the bottom left if you’re interested.

6:24, NOT QUITE ENOUGH: Veras gave up two singles, not being able to get through the bottom of the sixth. It’s time to see what Marte can bring to this team. Reminds me of Mo last night. Coming in with two on and one out. Damaso is a closer, he knows how to pitch in big situations. Don’t expect anything less here.

6:28, BIG LEAGUE PERSONALITY: This guy is the Yankees new best weapon. Put this on record — Marte is a bigger acquisition than Nady, MARK IT DOWN. That was incredibly nasty. This guy can pitch against righties, Girardi should leave him in. But I can’t say anything about it if Ramirez is coming in … and he is. Ramirez is nasty as well. Mark this down as well — best bullpen in the Majors.

6:33, HMMMM…: Make that personalities.

6:50, RETALIATION NOT NEEDED: The fact that Hansen walked Giambi with the bases loaded doesn’t warrant any retaliation, he just pounded himself into the ground. Sexson will run for Giambi and give a good defensive replacement for the last inning and a half. Hansen is still in the there. Don’t be surprised if Cano lines one back up the middle.

6:53, NEAR PREDICTION: I was close, I’m sure he’ll take a two-run double. A-Rod appeared to be limping a bit rounding third and his arm is hurt still. Hopefully he’s fine. It seems Damon just had a cramp or something as he is laughing and not even in the trainer’s room. We’re trying to get healthy and everyone’s getting hurt again.

7:05, FOUR MORE TO GO: My laptop is doing funny things. I apologize for the slow updates. The game is pretty uneventful, though. Ramirez hasn’t allowed a hit to any of his 33 previous hitters – he is pure amazing right now. The Yankees will come to bat in the top of the ninth and then Edwar will probably go out to finish the game.

7:19, ROBERTSON TO FINISH: Dave Robertson is going to pitch the bottom of the ninth, actually. He will start at the bottom of the order and move back up to the top. The Yankees are hot, no one can dispute it. A sweep tomorrow would put some fear in the eyes of Red Sox fans. Meanwhile, Tampa has a runner on first in the top of the first. That game essentially doesn’t matter, though. The Yankees would even the Sox in the loss column and they’ll be one back behind the Sox in the division and Wild Card. One out as Cash grounds out to Jeter.

7:24, THERE IT IS: Youkilis lines out to Melky Cabrera and the Yankees take a 2-0 series lead, and win. They’ll go for the sweep tomorrow. Should Red Sox fans be worried? Yes. Rays fans? Yes, even more worried. I’m done for now. Another solid victory. There’s no stopping this train.

Breaking News: Nady-Marte deal changed?

Everyone I’ve heard was reporting that the Yankees got Xavier Nady and
Damaso Marte for Ross Ohlendorf, Jose Tabata, Phil Coke, and George

Sweeny Murti has just reported that he’s hearing something different –
Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte for Ross Ohlendorf, Jose Tabata, Jeff
Karstens, and Dan McCutchen.

More to come when there is more information on the subject — you wonder if the initial report was wrong or that someone failed a physical.

Joba-Youkilis; war or coincidence?


A lot is made from the ‘battle’ between Red Sox first baseman, Kevin Youkilis, and Yankees starting pitcher, Joba Chamberlain. As we know, Youkilis has seen four pitches nearly hit him in the past year. The first two were last year at the Stadium when Joba blazed two back-to-back pitches over Youk’s head. The next was when Joba threw behind Youkilis’ legs. The last encounter occured last night when Joba threw, again, at the head of Kevin Youkilis. To add insult to injury, it was a foul ball as he couldn’t get the bat out of the way when ducking from the pitch.

That begs the question — war or coincidence? This rivalry hasn’t been the same over the past few years. Like the Mets and Yankees when Clemens and Piazza were no longer involved, this series seems to have lost some sting over the past few years. But let’s remember something. How many times has Derek Jeter had a pitch thrown at his head by a Red Sox pitcher? What about all the other Yankees?

I would hate to think Chamberlain is doing it on purpose. But Red Sox fans have every right to be mad, so does Youkilis. He’s handled it very well and not charged the mound. Expect a pre-warning before the game on Sunday if anyone gets hit today.

The ramifications of the Nady deal.

With Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte headed to the New York Yankees, pending physicals of the involved players, what will this move mean to the Yankees?

There’s no set-in-stone lineup when it comes to Joe Girardi. He has used so many different lineup’s this year you never know what to expect. But in acquiring Nady, it’s obvious the lineup will be shaken up. If Girardi goes this route, the potential lineup, written below, could be a nightmare for opposing manager’s.

1. Johnny Damon – LH
2. Derek Jeter – RH
3. Bobby Abreu – LH
4. Alex Rodriguez – RH
5. Jason Giambi – LH
6. Xavier Nady – RH
7. Robinson Cano – LH
8. Jose Molina – RH
9. Melky Cabrera – SH

When you look at the game of baseball today, you know how many pitcher-batter matchup’s there are. Lefty specialists have one job – get left-handed hitters out. Well, this lineup creates a problem. Oh, you want to bring in your specialist to face Bobby Abreu? Sure, go ahead. You have Rodriguez after that. You’ll have to make another pitching change. Then what happens? You have another lefty in Giambi. Oh, not a problem, we have another lefty. Well, there goes that lefty. Bring someone else in to face Nady. Now what? We’re out of lefties in the bullpen – there’s the problem. This lineup would have four left-handers, four right-handers, and a switch hitter, alternating every player.

Then you look at the bench – Betemit (S), Sexson (R), Gardner (L), Christian (R). By making one trade, the depth of this lineup has increased greatly. The Yankees can match nearly any pitching change.

On top of this, they acquired Damaso Marte. He is not only a lefty specialist. Right-handed hitters are only batting .200 against Marte. The arm angle, the stuff, he’s unhittable at times.

Yankees at Red Sox (Game 102)

Pitching Matchup:
Joba Chamberlain (2-3, 2.52 ERA) vs. Josh Beckett (9-6, 3.98 ERA)

Yankees Lineup:
1. Johnny Damon – Designated Hitter
2. Derek Jeter – Shortstop
3. Bobby Abreu – Right Field
4. Alex Rodriguez – Third Base
5. Jason Giambi – First Base
6. Robinson Cano – Second Base
7. Melky Cabrera – Center Field
8. Jose Molina – Catcher
9. Brett Gardner – Left Field

Red Sox Lineup:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury – Left Field
2. Dustin Pedroia – Second Base
3. David Ortiz – Designated Hitter
4. Kevin Youkilis – First Base
5. Mike Lowell – Third Base
6. J.D. Drew – Right Field
7. Jed Lowrie – Shortstop
8. Jason Varitek – Catcher
9. Coco Crisp – Center Field

Game Notes: Joba hasn’t exactly been dazzling against the Sox this season – he’s given up 3 runs in 6 innings giving him a 4.50 ERA – like many of his starts, he didn’t get a decision. Beckett, on the other hand, is 3-0 but has an ERA of 3.92, just around his season ERA. At that, Josh hasn’t been exactly dazzling against the Yanks in his career, a good win-loss at 7-3, but a poor ERA at 5.75 ERA. The Yankees are coming off two straight sweeps while the Red Sox just finished a sweep against the Mariners – can we really put anything into that, though? David Ortiz, according to Terry Francona, arrived at Fenway around 30-40 minutes ago carrying four bats on his shoulder and smiling – Ortiz is in the lineup and ready to go. Likewise, Manny Ramirez is scheduled to start for the Red Sox tonight.

4:44, GIRARDI: Joe Girardi will be on The Fan (WFAN) with Mike at the top of the hour if you’re interested (about 5pm).

5:04, LESTER: As you’d probably guess, I’m listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on The Fan right now. I can’t help but mention this. Mike keeps mentioning how the Red Sox have a clear advantage Sunday for two reasons. One, Ponson is going. Second, Lester has had ‘great success’ against the Yankees. Wrong. He is basing his comments off one game, that’s it. Lester was on his game that night, there’s no doubt about it. In all, Lester has given up 7 runs in 12.2 innings against the Yankees. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the Red Sox have a clear advantage. He beat them the one game, he was fantastic. He wasn’t the time before. Girardi, as mentioned, is on The Fan in moments.

5:18, MANNY SCRATCHED: Manny Ramirez has reportedly been scratched from the lineup. It’s possible that he took batting practice and felt discomfort, word is not out on why he was scratched at this point. I’m unaware as to who is taking his spot in the lineup – I’d imagine Jacoby will play left and Coco will move into center, not sure though, just my guess.

6:11, GIRARDI SPEAKS: Joe says that the plan remains Veras in the seventh, Farnsworth in the eight, and Mo in the ninth. The fact that this is a Red Sox series does not change the order of the pitchers. He mentioned that certain situations would not change the seventh-ninth spots. Of course the Yankees don’t have a specialist lefty, not yet at least, so that is why the innings for those guys does not change. He hinted that Edwar Ramirez may take one of those ‘big spots’ in this series if needed. Girardi said he would watch Damon throw today, his plan, or goal at least, is to have Damon in left field early next week. He mentioned it would make the lineup more versatile and give them more options. He also said he wants to get Betemit back in the lineup. To me, it seems Sexson will usually be a late defensive replacement. I have the feeling he won’t even be playing much against lefties. His time will decrease even more if the Yankees make an acquisition for a right-handed bat before the trade deadline. Girardi does not expect, or necessarily even want, the Yankees to make a move for a catcher – he showed strong support in both Molina and Moeller. He said he loves what Moeller has done with Rasner. Mike Mussina will pitch Monday – he is going to move up and pitch on normal rest, and why not? He has been the MVP of this team, without a doubt. Girardi also jokingly said he would’ve flipped Cano’s ‘switch’ earlier in the season if he knew he had one. On the Sox side of things, Jed Lowrie is 6 for his last 18 – he has a five-game hitting streak.

6:23, LINEUP: The Red Sox adjusted lineup is now posted. As I expected, Coco is taking over in center, and Jacoby is moving to the leadoff and playing left – the way it has been since Ortiz has been out.

6:38, DAMON IN LEFT: Girardi and Damon aren’t meeting on terms as to when he’ll play the field. Damon is aiming for tomorrow or Sunday, he himself said he knew it would help to get both him and Giambi in the lineup, along with another bat adding more depth. However, Girardi doesn’t feel he will be in the field until next week. Personally, I feel this would be a good place for Damon to get back into the field. He knows how to play the field here and it’s a small left field as we know.

On other note, Pedroia admitted to not wanting to face Joba for years to come – he said it’s “unfortunate” that he’s young. He also said Joba’s stuff is electric and admitted to calling him one of the best pitchers in the game. Interesting stuff there.

7:06, BASEBALL: And we’re ready for baseball.

7:09, IF ANYTHING AT ALL: Damon put together a nice at-bat making Beckett throw ten pitches to start the game… and a base hit for Jeter.

7:15, PROMISING: Probably couldn’t have been a better few at-bats. Damon makes him throw 10 pitches, and then both Jeter and Abreu get singles up the middle. Whatever happens this inning, it’s a promising start for the Yankees.

7:32, THE REAL BATTLE: Everyone is making a big deal out of Youkilis and Joba. Don’t expect anything. Chamberlain is a hard-nosed player. He would pitch every game if he could. After getting suspended for throwing at Youkilis last year, don’t expect anything. He may go inside, but that’s all you’ll see from him in relation to Youk.

Good slide by Pedroia on the previous play, even though he was out. I have to respect the guy. You cannot get him out and he plays hard on every play.

7:36, NADY OUT OF LINEUP: Xavier Nady was pulled from the Pittsburgh Pirates lineup this evening. There is no reported injury, which would lead me to believe he’s close to being traded. I doubt this involves the Yankees, but Cashman has been working the phones all day. We shall see.

7:47, ‘TIS WHY HE’S HERE: Melky is surely a great center fielder, arguably one of the best in the league. If he doesn’t hit, he’ll still take hits and runs away. I’ve always been in favor of him, and I’ll stick by it. Amazing catch. Amazing, again. Cano just had a terrible hop and throws onto Jeter who completes the double play. The defensive is GOLDEN.

7:52, MARTE AS WELL: It appears both Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte have been traded. My guess is the Mets. I’m sure something would’ve been said if it were the Yankees. Again, Cashman has been on the phone all day, but it seems unlikely. Some team is picking up two great players. Imagine if it was the Yankees. Send them to Fenway and get them in the rivalry right away.

7:54, YANKEES MAKE A DEAL: Well, maybe I’m wrong. Apparently they have been traded to the New York Yankees, at least that’s what Will Carroll is reporting.

8:00, COME ON DOWN: You are the next contestants in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. This sure is an interesting time for a move. Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte have definitely been traded. Two reports are confirming the Yankees are on the other side of this deal. However, the Pirates would not say. Apparently the only pending thing is physicals, but that’s usual. The asking price for Nady has apparently gone down. The Pirates realized they were not going to get what they wanted. I would not be surprised if Ian Kennedy is going to Pittsburgh. After throwing a near 7-inning no-hitter, and pitching very well, he has to be a strong candidate. Peter Abraham reports that Phil Coke was removed from the game in Trenton after pitching an inning. Perhaps Kennedy was not involved? The Pirates were interested in Ohlendorf. We will see. I’m sure there will be more to come.

8:48, OH, THE GAME: Everyone is only talking about the Nady-Marte to New York deal. However, there’s a good game going on. Chamberlain is showing up Beckett tonight. The Yankees aren’t capitalizing on their hits. Joba has only allowed 3 hits in 5 innings, and
he’s at 75 pitches. Hopefully Joba can turn another good two innings and move on to Farnsworth and Mo, unless we can score some more runs – which I’d take.

8:50, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: There are a bunch of Yankees fans who dislike Farnsworth. He has pitched great, but most of you still hate him, unfortunately. Look at it this way – this would be the last 8th inning he would pitch. Marte will take over the set-up role.

9:04, 89 AND COUNTING: Joba has thrown 89 pitches through 6 innings. I’d hope Girardi would send him out to try and get through the seventh. The bullpen has been reliable, very reliable, but I want to see them let Joba go into the game a littler deeper.

Of course, Beckett comes out to pitch the top of the seventh and he is at 94 pitches. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for another. That’s how he is. He just recently went eight or nine and got the loss in Anaheim. Granted, Francona knew Melky would swing on the first pitch and get an out.

9:17, JOBA FOR SEVEN: Girardi sent Joba back out to pitch the seventh. In a big series like this, why not? Wow, he hit Youkilis in the head. I don’t feel that was intentional. A warning was given, but that’s ridiculous. That’s not necessary. I don’t feel he meant to hit him. That fastball really just got loose. He wouldn’t do that on good count  with a 1-0 lead. That hit the handle of the bat. We almost had a bench clearing. If Beckett comes back out, expect a fight. After throwing over 100 pitches, you can expect that if he goes back out he’s hitting someone. That’s the type of guy he is.

9:20, AFTERMATH: We just saw what Joba brushing Youkilis did. Lowell thought the breaking ball wasn’t going to be sharp and looked like it was headed towards him. Well, it didn’t. It broke back over the middle. Same thing with Drew. They’re hesitant now. That’s what happens when you see a 95+ MPH fastball around the head.

9:43, THE ROLLER COASTER BEGINS: Farnsworth has been fabulous. He has nine straight hitless innings… until now. Lowrie led off with a single in the bottom of the eight. This is the last time Farnsworth will take the mound in the 8th unless there’s a blowout or something of the like. Damaso Marte will take the set-up role, or at least that’s believed. As I speak, Mariano Rivera is getting ready in the ‘pen. It’ll be interesting to see if he receives even more boo’s than usual because of the All-Star Game-Papelbon saga.

9:48, ENTER SANDMAN: He did receive a bunch of boo’s, but nothing like I expected. Girardi will call on Rivera to get five outs to finish the game. Lowrie stands on second and Crisp stands on first. This is where I see Damaso Marte fitting in so well with the Yankees – he’s so good against righties and lefties, he’s going to be an amazing fit.

9:59, NORMAL MO: Mariano came on and got two quick outs, but he has three more to go. Cano just lined out to short which means his streak of six straight multi-hit games is done… most likely.

10:02, MO ‘EM DOWN: Three outs to go and the Yankees will take an impressive 1-0 win in the first game of the series. Joba is slated to take his second victory as a starter.

10:04, ONE DOWN: Mariano got Ortiz to pop out to right field on a weak fly ball. Youkilis up next.

10:06, ONE ON: Youkilis hit a cutter threw the hole on the left side. Rodriguez was guarding the line so it got into left field. Lowell is on his way up, a double play candidate, especially with the sharp cutter. Most of Fenway is cheering and many on their feet.

10:09, STRIKE THREE: Lowell has been thrown out of the game. Francona doesn’t intend to follow. His strike zone has been all over the whole game. He is definitely a pitcher’s umpire. That seemed like a decent pitch though. He’s Mariano Rivera, you can’t take that pitch. Two down.

10:11, THE YANKEES WIN: Game over. Mariano Rivera gets the save. I’ll say this – the umpires are not big fan favorites in Fenway Park. It was a wide strike zone, but it was for both teams. You can’t say anything when the call’s go both ways.

Chamberlain picks up the win – Mariano picks up his 26th save. Is he the best closer of all-time, or what? I know Hoffman is the all-time leader, but how many people consider him better than Mariano? I don’t know one person, and I’m being serious.

Yankees take the series lead, 1-0, and look towards the Pettitte-Wakefield matchup tomorrow.

Interesting statistics from this year along with past.

The Yankees are
5-3 coming off an off day or extended break (All-Star break) this
season – 2-1 on the road, 3-2 at home. Also, this is the first July
series with the Red Sox since 2005, being the ‘Leiter’ series. As with
this weekend, it was at Fenway and the Yankees took 3 out of 4. Since
2002, they’re 10-7 in July series against the Sox.